'29 ROOMS' Opening Recap

Nearly a full month in the making, RF29’s amazingly creative installation reimagined an abandoned Greenpoint warehouse as the home for their aesthetic dreams. Collaborating with a wide range of artists and brands, 29 completely unique rooms housed NYFW’s best part for the full weekend, and basically took over Instagram on its own.

TAGS: 29Rooms, Instagram, Mini-documentary, NYFW, Refinery 29, Short-form, Social Media Events



DIRECTOR: Ben Poster

PRODUCER: Refinery 29 / Angela Sumner

SHOOTERS: Ben Poster, Andrew White

AC / PA: Andy DeLoach

EDITOR: Ben Poster, Alain Furcajg, Christopher Beer

TALENT: Piera Gelardi, Petra Collins, Confetti Systems, Alexa Chung, Drew Barrymore

AGENCY: Refinery 29

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