Kitty Cash, DJ & PR Manager
Rachel Antonoff, designer
Imran Ahmed, BOF Founder
Godfrey Deeny
JCrew Collection

These condensed ‘real-time vignettes’ really capture the break-neck speed at which the best of NYFW are able to fit as much as they can into a single day. And it shouldn’t even need to be mentioned, but of course they look great doing just that.

TAGS: Day in the Life, Digital Content, docu-profiles, New York Magazine, NYFW, Short-form, the CUT



DIRECTOR: Ben Poster

PRODUCER: New York Magazine

SHOOTERS: Ben Poster, Andrew White, Stephanie Szerlip

EDITOR: Evan Kleinman, Alain Furcajg

TALENT: Kitty Cash, Godfrey Deeny, Rachel Antonoff, Imran Ahmed, JCrew Collection

AGENCY: New York Magazine