Dee Dee Penny
Lisa Aharon
May Kwok, DJ
Simcha Whitehill
Samantha Urbani

These day-in-the-life vignettes of some of New York’s most eye-catching eye-liner wearers was a run and gun affair, and each of these young woman brought a unique vibe and energy to make each piece their own.

TAGS: Branded Content, docu-profiles, Emerging artists, Highliner, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Beauty, New York Magazine, Short-form, the CUT



CLIENT: the CUT / New York Magazine + Marc Jacobs Beauty

DIRECTOR: Ben Poster

PRODUCER: New York Magazine Brand Studio

SHOOTERS: Ben Poster, Stephanie Szerlip

GFX: Chris Neeley

EDITOR: Ben Poster

MUSIC: Billy Flynn

COLOR: Ben Poster

TALENT: Samantha Urbani, Brandee Brown, Dee Dee Penny, Simcha Harris, May Kwok, Lisa Aharon

AGENCY: New York Magazine Brand Studio