Pop-Up1: Full ReCap
Pop-Up1: 30 second ReCap
Pop-Up1: Fave Album 2017
Pop-Up1: Full ReCap
Pop-Up2: 30 second ReCap
Pop-Up2: Fave Album 2017

These 2, 3-day-weekend shoots took a typical ‘event recap’ and gave just gave it it the best personalities, setting, and soundtrack. The Pitchfork Radio team was a dream to work with, and hanging chatting with ALL of these artists was as educational as it was chill. To paraphrase host Elia, it all gets very sentimental—VERY quickly.

TAGS: Branded Content, Collaboration, Condé Nast, Diverse Shooting Styles, Documentary Style, Event Capture, Event ReCap, In-Store, Location Shooting, Music, Pitchfork, Point of Sale, SONOS, Sponsored Content



DIRECTOR: Ben Poster, Gregg Conde

DOS: Gregg Conde / Mark Loucks

EDITOR: Zoie Omega

MUSIC: Bill Flynn, Quinn McCarthy

PAs: Faith Wardlaw, Rebeccah Liptscher


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