Making the "T" Mug with Franca

Working closely Gabby Alford and the NYTimes Store team, we put together this ‘prototype’—directed by Stephanie Szerlip—for a larger series of videos telling the stories behind the curation and collaboration that goes into so many products of the NYTimes Store. Think of this as the potential first ‘video of record’ for all of those products.

TAGS: Branded Content, Ceramics, Collaboration, Documentary Style, franca, Instagram, Instagram Video, Location Shooting, New York Times, New York Times Store, NYC, Product Backstory, Sponsored Content, Steadfast Productions NYC



DIRECTOR: Stephanie Szerlip

PRODUCER: Ben Poster

DP: Owen Hamilton

2ND CAM: Josh Braunreuther

PA: William Kenton

EDITOR: Zoie Omega


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