Big Kat Product Launch Teaser and Broadcast Spot
Big Kat Product Launch Facebook :30 version
3 million views!
Big Kat Product Launch Alternate Facebook video

Steadfast directed and handled all post on this Fill in the Blank Production of an Anomaly job for KitKat. The candy industry moves swiftly, and Hershey wanted their surprise launch of a NEW KitKat product to feel very out of the box. A monster movie spoof featuring a 1/50th scale metropolis terrorized by a Big Kat seemed like that best way to do just that. And after 3 million+ views on their Facebook page, KitKat decided to make it a broadcast spot!

TAGS: Anomaly, Broadcast Spot, Hershey, Product Launch/ Web-content, Product Teaser, Social Media Based



DIRECTOR: Ben Poster

PRODUCER: Fill in the Blank Productions / Anomaly

SHOOTERS: Ben Poster

AC/PAs: Andy DeLoach

EDITOR: Ben Poster

AGENCY: Anomaly