Jon Gray | Civic Practice Partnership, 2020–2022

Rashida Bumbray | Civic Practice Partnership, 2017–2021

Miguel Luciano’s Cemí-Libre | Civic Practice Partnership, 2017–2021

These first 3 videos for The Met’s Civic Practice Partnership were an honor to work on. The artists and activations that this program promotes are a shining example of how institutions and artists can come together for community and we were glad to put together some of our best teams to help tell that story. Special shoutout to the musicians Billy Flynn, Quinn McCarthy, and Steve Wood for their beautiful contributions and keep the good GOING by copping your ‘El Met’ merch asap. PS: RIP Hiram Maristany.

TAGS: artist profile, Civic Practice Partnership, community engagement, documentary production, Miguel Luciano, mini-doc, New York City, new york city artists, short form documentary, The Metropolitan Museum of Art



DIRECTORS: Ann Collins; Sarah Cowan; Ben Poster

CAMERAS: Jack Pearce; Rachel Batashvili; Hannah Englson;
Mariano Carranza; John Henri Coene; Alex Guns;
Stephanie Wuertz; Sean Ryan; Ben Poster

MUSIC: Bill Flynn; Quinn McCarthy; Steve Wood

SOUND MIXER: Tyson Dai; Michael Gassert

PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Jackie Monoson; Lela Jenkins; Aurola Wedman Alfaro

EDITOR: Ben Poster

COLOR: Oliver Eid

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