30 sec
Sub Castle
Chalk Art

Three simultaneous guerrilla shoots in Chicago and San Diego—all with immediate / on-the-spot edit turnarounds for social? We got you. With stellar producing work from Neyza Honore, this collaboration with mcgarrybowen felt great to pull off. Marketing stunt work like this is even more impressive when you can get away with—and capture—all of it!

TAGS: Branded Content, Chicago, Collaboration, Documentary Style, Facebook, Facebook Video, Instagram, Instagram Video, Instant Edits, Location Shooting Guerilla Marketing, mcgarrybowen, San Diego, Sponsored Content, Steadfast Productions NYC, Subway, Twitter, Twitter Video



DIRECTOR: Ben Poster

PRODUCER: Neyza Honore

LOCAL PRODUCERS: Jessica Batson, Peter Campbell, Sean Green

DPs: Ted Endres, Myles Beeson, Joe Martinez Jr

LOCAL EDITORS: Keith Kristinat, Priscilla Perez

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Steadfast Productions NYC

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